Hacking the White House

According to cyber-security experts, if someone were ever going to try to hack the White House, now would be the time… Why is now the time? Well, the White House’s first line of defense against cyber-attacks, the metaphorical ‘nights watch’ of White House cyber-security, are slowly beginning to abandon their post due to current leadership. […]

The Future of Ransomware

One thing is for sure, hackers like to get creative. The exploits that a hacker finds is their masterpiece. With more and more devices that were once ‘dumb,’ such as refrigerators, light switches, and ovens, being connected to the internet, there is no shortage of mediums for hackers to practice their art. This leads to […]

Iranian Hackers Attack Louisiana Sheriff’s Department

Louisiana natives are used to dealing with predators, such as alligators and the occasional water moccasin, but there is one threat lurking in the swamp that many residents are not aware of, hackers! Although Louisiana is not the most technologically advanced state, it still has to deal with cyber-security risks and the other pitfalls that […]