Corey Stein

Profile of an IT Security Administrator

As society becomes more and more reliant on technology, private data is becoming less and less private. For many large organizations having their technological assets compromised or their sensitive information leaked can lead to a multitude of problems. Corey Stein is the individual charged with protecting these assets for the company Danos.

Corey has been working with Danos for six years. For the first four and a half years of his employment with Danos, he was working as a network administrator. Approximately a year and a half ago he was promoted to the role of ‘IT Security Administrator.’ This role change was fitting for Corey because he is no stranger to cybersecurity.

Corey Stein describes an interesting cyber attack.

Prior to working at Danos, Corey worked as a network administrator for a bank that had a strong focus on information security. Corey had to take part in a multitude of security audits and make sure that the technology solutions he was implementing were following the FDIC’s security protocols. By the time he started working for Danos, Corey had a good grasp on how to keep an organization’s technology and user information secure.

In his current position, Corey faces many challenges to ensure that Danos’ technological assets are protected. These threats come from both the internal and external environment. Some of the most prevalent external threats that Corey deals with are phishing and social engineering. Employees at Danos are often contacted by scammers pretending to be legit organizations with the intent of stealing personal information.

According to Corey, one of the most significant internal threats that he faces is ‘shadow IT.’ Shadow IT is when an employee attempts to bypass the security policies implemented by the IT department in order to complete a task in a way that the employee feels would be faster or easier. Shadow IT can be as simple as attempting to use a personal device on the company network or going to an unsecured website that IT has blocked. Corey also strives to make sure that his coworkers are adequately educated on how to identify situations that may pose a security risk.

To ensure that a company is safe in an ‘if not when’ environment can be a stressful gig that takes a lot of research and proactiveness to be successful. Luckily for Danos, Corey Stein remains cool under the pressure and makes the correct strategic decisions to keep the company safe from cyber threats.